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Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread- Thompson's Super Scented Items
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Warm banana nut bread just like mom makes

Top row from left to right:
(WJC) wooden wick jar candle- burns 55 hrs, 12oz, with patented wooden wick technology for a soothing crackle as it burns
(TCJ) tall county jar candle- burns 85 hrs, 14oz, with rusty ornament
(HJ) heritage jar candle- burns 155 hrs, 64oz, 3 wicks
(LM) large mason jar candle- burns 85 hrs, 20oz net wt
(SM) small mason jar candle- burns 55 hrs, 12oz net wt
(MM) mini mason jar candle- burns 30 hrs, 6oz net wt

Bottom row from left to right:
(CR) bag of crumbles- 6oz
(CK) crumble keeper- 11oz
(BCR) bulk bag of crumbles- 32oz

(LP) large pillar candle- burns 200 hrs, 6.25 x 4.5 inches
(MP) medium pillar candle- burns 80 hrs, 4.25 x 3.25 inches
(MU) muffin candle- burns 60 hrs, 3.75 x 3.5 inches, includes a fluted tin candle holder
(FT) farmhouse tealight- burns 10 hrs, 2.5oz each, packs of 4 (not shown)
(FTS) farmhouse tealight gift sets- a pack of 4 farmhouse tealights in a metal and glass holder (not shown)

Our hands-on attention to detail guarantees the highest quality candles for you.  All of our super scented candles are made with premium ingredients for a long, clean burn.  Keep wicks trimmed and candles out of drafts for the best results.  Melt one crumble or more in an electric or tea light type warmer to enjoy the aroma.  When the fragrance has faded, discard the used wax.  Never pour hot wax down a drain.  Candle artisans at Thompson's hand pour our super scented wax into the molds, hand apply the wax icing to give each pillar candle and muffin candle a unique texture, and package each one with care, tying a homespun fabric bow on top.   Enjoy the true to life aromas!

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