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Super Scented Originals

Jar Candles
Thompson's super scented wax poured into glassware. Choose from two sizes in mason jars, a faceted tumbler, and our 3 wick heritage jar. Available in all our true to life scents!
Thompson's super scented crumbles
Since 1997, Thompson's has been hand crafting our super scented products for your enjoyment. Available in a wide selection of true to life scents. For fragrance without flame, melt our crumbles in your electric warmer.
Primitive Candles
Thompson's super scented primitive candles are hand poured and hand "iced" cupcakes, muffins, and pillars. Since 1997, we've been hand crafting these products with color and scent to the core paired with cotton wicks for your enjoyment. Long burning too!
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